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2016-02-27 21:48:48 by DJDureagon

Sorry about the delay of the "album" or whatever im making. I am really taking my time with it and i want it to be good if im going to put my name on it.


Sometimes I think im never gonna be good enough to matter at anything. I love to make the music i do even if im not satisfied with it ever, but motivation is hard when a person sees all the more talented people around here on NG and everywhere really. Everyone matters. Everyone is an artist. And its great! it really is. I guess I never really understood what it meant to want to be good at something but not to be better than others, just to be good enough to matter. Im sure someone somewhere will think or say that I do matter, in fact someone already has and I thank that person. That's not the message here. The message is I honestly have no idea what im doing and after so many years i'm still trying to figure it out. The struggle is real and thats why I'm not as creative as i used ot be and why the "albums" are not coming out like they used to.


I'm gonna try harder and i'm not gonna give up. Even if no one notices or cares I'll be making more tracks. If anyone out there enjoys them I guess look forward to them and thanks for all the support from everyone. You make it all worthwhile.


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2016-02-28 00:25:56

Shit's ahoy, have you seen my last news post? It must be Musician's Insecurity Week or something.

I'll admit I don't know much about you. I first heard some of your beats looking through Clabtrap matches and have been following you since then and I can say for certain that you've got a lot of talent.


2016-02-28 14:39:20

Heh, I made a post about this too. They say we're all our own worst critic. Nothing's perfect, but it's usually better than you think.

I try not to worry about if I'll ever be what's considered 'successful' with, or make money off music. I also feel like my creativity has kinda started getting less fresh but I just try to enjoy the feeling of making something and if I can rock to it, cool, that means other people can too.

You've made some sick stuff, it even brings out some rhymes from me sometimes so that to me is a sign that you've got good music.
Bring on some more.


2016-02-28 18:41:08

Thanks guys. i think ill try to expand my knowledge a bit and maybe learn to play an instrument. I feel that the end result of your music is what matters so ill try to follow that mantra and not get hung up on how i get there.


2016-04-02 13:30:38

Whatever you do, just keep making beats!

Try not to fret about the end result. Just play ya know? Enjoy da ride.
It's much easier (For me at least) to make things when I'm lost in the fun of it.
I end up just getting frustrated if I worry too much on the end result and whether or not it'll be "Good"
Some of the shit I make everytime I sit down isn't even worth saving! lmao. It's all good though.

I just keep working until something catches my heart
Keep making beats, D. Moving forward in one form or another is all anyone can do, and that's enough.


2016-04-20 08:18:29

"Even if no one cares or notices"?!?! First I have something to say about that. You got all of us! Plus, there is probably people who don't have an account or just don't take the time to say something to brighten your day a bit.

Secondly, we are not all that makes this worthwhile. I believe that deep down inside of you, you believe in yourself, and that helps you move on with everything.

Third, you think you will never be good at anything, or even matter to anyone without being a little speck of dust in an unused bed. I mean, I don't believe in any religion but Buddism, and with that in mind, think of it this way; There is nothing in world better or worse than this very moment. So try and keep that in mind that you will always think about your music being good just to the people who like it. Yes, there are going to be people that dislike your music, but same goes for the popular ones.

I also think it's good that you say your not giving up, and I'd rather you take your time with making an album. You can always be creative, too. Even when I'm sad or something like that, just sitting down and messing with little Lego characters feels good. I just hope you realize that you DO matter in this world, and you ARE good at what you do.

Your friend,

DJDureagon responds:

Hey thanks for the words.

Theres are plenty of tracks on this site. With no comments that really should be flooded with praise. Im not including my own into that but the point is i know its not about the comments or the amount of fans i have or anything like that. Its great to have any fans at all or anyone who enjoys the music whether they comment or not. An artist is never truley satisfied with their work i guess, but that person shouldnt have the feeling that they are a fraud. Ive been putting up songs here for a good bit. I still feel like a beginner. I still feel like i just dont know anything. And when i make something that comes out right. it's almost like it was an accident.

But, i get what you mean about focusing on this moment. It's similar to how i felt when i just started and i was far more creative back then. It would be nice to rekindle that attitude once again.


2016-04-23 03:25:57

I literally got back on Newgrounds because of things like this, I miss the community and the people here. The struggle of putting out beats and meeting people who like them or just finding new artists like yourself. Like everyone says, just keep doing what your doing and everyone understands you. no worries and hopefully you'll be satisfied afterwards and we will too, ya know. Anywayz, Hello again after these years and yea man.... Peace.

DJDureagon responds:

Wow man I'm glad im not alone out there. It's great to have you back. The portal has changed and i cant say for the better but the artists on here have all been upgraded so it's a great place to find peer for inspiration. Thanks for encouragement it means a lot.